He shall be high and lifted up. Isaiah 52:13

The Elevate Campaign is an initiative for Resurrection Minneapolis to come together in generosity to make our facility fully accessible. It is our vision that when our place of worship is welcoming to all, we can live out the belief that the gospel is for everyone, regardless of their physical capability.

Christian hospitality demands that we do everything in our power to make our building a place where everyone can be welcomed in the name of Jesus Christ and hear the good news.

A Note From Pastor Dave

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the convictions of things not seen.” — Hebrews 11:1

When I look at our building I don’t see an elevator. I don’t see people with physical disabilities joining us in worship. I don’t see some of the faces of people who have worshiped in this space for decades because they can no longer climb stairs. I don’t see people of great wealth endowing our congregation with limitless financial resources.

But when I look at things through the eyes of faith, I see something very different than before. I see a place where all are welcomed to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. I see a place where people of all physical capabilities worship alongside one another. I see a place where all generations are gathered to praise the God from whom all blessings flow. I see a congregation where God has already blessed us with all the resources that we need make this faith-vision a reality.

Faith gives us eyes to see what we can’t, eyes to see the better future that God has for us, one that we cannot achieve on our own but only with his help.

The question for all of us is this: what do you see? Do you see what is, or what, with God’s provision and grace, will be? Do you see what we can’t do, or what, with God’s help, we will do?

And if you do see things through the eyes of faith, what are you willing to do about it? What are you willing to give in order to make his dream our reality?

Let us prayerfully wrestle with these questions as we imagine a future for our church building that is more welcoming, hospitable, and inclusive in order that God’s name might be elevated above every other name.

+ Dave

The stairs
Aldrich in 1924

Let’s Prepare a Space for God To Do More

The reality is, our beautiful church building is inaccessible. When the sanctuary was built in 1924, we didn’t think about inclusion in the ways we do now. The Americans With Disabilities Act did not exist until 1990. For nearly 100 years, access to our church has been limited to those who can climb stairs and because of this, numerous people have had to stop attending when they could no longer climb the stairs.

We believe God is calling us to make our building more accessible through the Elevate Campaign and that this campaign will serve as a catalyst for even more transformation in the future.

We believe God wants us to preserve the best of the past while looking forward to the future. We believe God wants to transform our building from a beautiful, aging facility into a hub for 21st century ministry. We believe God wants us to go from struggling to maintain what we have, to expanding the gospel in our neighborhood. We believe this campaign is an extremely important first step on the journey of investing in and improving our church so God can continue to impact the people in our community for generations to come.

The Solution

The Elevate Campaign seeks to raise $750,000 to make our space more accessible by adding an elevator and accessible bathrooms.

This project will add a LULA elevator to provide access to all three levels of church building. LULA is an acronym for Limited Use Limited Application. LULA elevators provide safe and compliant accessibility in existing buildings when full-sized Passenger Elevators are impractical. This solution is perfect for our older building.

In addition to the elevator, the Elevate project will add a kitchenette in the fellowship room and three new accessible bathrooms will replace the current bathrooms on the main level of the church. These facilities will make sure everyone is not only welcome, but can experience our facilities comfortably and with dignity.

This campaign is a first step to addressing the overall condition of our facility so we can continue to be a vital, thriving, faithful presence in our neighborhood for generations to come.

Exterior rendering
Interior rendering

He Shall Be High and Lifted Up

The past two years have been an exciting season of growth in the life of our congregation. With this growth, we have reached an inflection point: we can address the long-term needs of our facility and carry this God-given momentum forward, or we can balk at the challenge which will lead to stagnation and eventually decline of growth.

We have prayed, planned, prepared and now we believe that God is calling us to act and be faithful to the vision he has put before us. People have been talking about putting in an elevator for more than 40 years, now is the time for us to take a leap of faith, trusting God and going from words to action.

Join Us In Making Our Ministry More Accessible and Inclusive

Together, we can create a future for our church building that is more welcoming, hospitable, and inclusive in order that God’s name might be elevated above every other name.

Please prayerfully consider a generous, sacrificial three-year pledge over and above your regular giving to make our church more inclusive and accessible.

Please bring your Elevate Campaign commitment card to worship on November 24.

Gifts NeededGift LevelMonthly AmountGift Total
Total Gifts:$750,000

"Gift Level" represents your total three-year commitment.